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iphone.jpgDamn, I’m behind on my bad. So there’s probably no bigger Apple fanboy then me. Well, except for a certain fake CEO, but you get me. If the title hasn’t already clued you in, I finally got an iPhone. 6 months late. I’ve watched every unboxing video on YouTube. Seen every pic on Flickr. Read every blog on every topic from jailbreaking to SSH-ing.

Needless to say I’m experienced in iPhone-ness. So how was the experience for me the first time I opened it? Friggin’ awesome. You would think that after seeing so much of it that the thrill of actually having one would be somewhat diminished. Nope. This thing kicks ass. Like, uncharted amounts of ass.

Already being familiar with the device, I flew through the packaging and immediately began the downgrade/jailbreak process. It took alil less then an hour to have a full activated phone running Cingular, with a shiny new winking at me. Sweet.

Installing the now common BSD-SSH-Community sources combo was cake. Summerboard is one of the cooler hacks I’ve seen for sure. The third party developers alone have truly made this phone worthy of being called Invention of the Year.

My favorite app by far is definitely Safari. I don’t know why browsing the web is so much fun on the iPhone. I mean, it’s Safari. The same browser that’s on my MacBook. The net is the net. But for some reason, it’s more fun to sit in bed watching CSI while “flicking” through Facebook rather then using a mouse.

Come to think of it, alot of things seem more fun on the iPhone then they should be. Ringtones are nothing new. I made my own like 2 years ago for my Nextel. But making ringtones for Apple’s device is, well, fun. A quick chop-up in Garage Band and I have a perfect, stereo ringtone for any contact (my family’s tone is “Family Business” by Kanye). I installed the NES emulator today, too. I had a PSP a few years back, and my Memory Stick was loaded with so much homebrew I don’t think it could possibly be any more illegal. But, stolen emulated games is more fun on iPhone. Typing? Yep, more fun. (Why can’t every keyboard have auto-correct?) Hell, I even answer calls I normally ignored now, just to talk on the thing. (*cough, Sallie Mae*.)

I’ve had all kinds of iPods before, but this one is the best by a long shot. Having music fade out when a call comes in..genius. I know it’s not the first music phone to do that, but again, iPhone makes it better.

The only thing I haven’t got to experience is the unlocking process. Since it has the new bootloader, I won’t be doing that until AnySIM gets updated. Maybe that’ll go more smoothly once the official SDK comes out. That’s the one thing that has me nervous. Apple breaks everything with new firmware updates. So far, there hasn’t really been an update that was a “must have”. That could change, and all the hard work that’s going into this stuff could be broken forever when “legit” developers start making apps. Only time will time.

So. I think it’s safe to say I think the iPhone is one of the coolest devices ever made. The only thing I’m confused about now is what case to buy..



If you know anything about me at all you’d know how much I love Guitar Hero II. It’s my most played game on the 360, well besides Halo 3. I do alright on Hard difficulty, and I just barely squeek by on Expert. Everybody has that “rockstar” vibe deep down, and GH II brings that outta me like no other game. With Guitar Hero III right around the corner, you’d expect me to have my copy reserved and fully paid off right? Here’s why my money is betting on RockBand instead..

1. The multiplayer in RockBand is hands down going to kick ass. Playing co-op with only a bass and lead doesn’t cut it anymore. Being able to play as a whole band online and off is awesome, and I don’t think GH III’s “unlockable” co-op can match that.

2. I’m convinced that the GH II guitar is handicapped. Pull-off’s and hammer on’s on Expert are insanely difficult with the square fret buttons on the 360 controller. With RockBand’s newer design, and separate smaller fret buttons just for this, I think nailing those crazy solos passages will actually be fun now, instead of frustrating..(and painful.)

3. The Drums. Even though I’m loving the design of the guitar, playing the drum set in RockBand is really hard to ignore. The singing I can probably do with out.

4. With RockBand having three instruments in solo career mode instead of Guitar Hero III’s one, you get many single player experiences in one. Replayability? Yes, please.

5. RockBand is being pitched as a platform by its developer. GH III will have downloadable songs, but thats it as far as extending the life of the game. RockBand could get more instruments, which could lead to all kinds of options. Keytar maybe?

With the price now announced at $169, it’ll definitely be an expensive game. What’s 40 more dollars though? Didn’t we all just drop $129 for Halo 3??




With less then 5 days to go till the big H drops, its time for another list of what to do to keep yourself busy..

1. Read the novels! Yes I’m serious. Especially “The Fall of Reach”. If you’re going to close out one of the biggest gaming trilogies, atleast learn who the Master Chief is and why he rocks.

2. Charge your camera. Undoubtedly you all pre-ordered the game already. Don’t you want to remember the feeling of waiting in line? Record it! Post it to Youtube.

3. Buy a cat if you don’t already have one. The Legendary Edition helmet will then have a use.

4. This one should be obvious. Play Halo 2. It’s old. It sucks. It’s ugly. But it still the best muliplayer game on Xbox Live. You don’t wanna jump into your first Team Slayer match on High Ground and get don’t neglect the classic and hone up those circle-strafing skills.

5. Make sure you have 3 buddies getting copies of Halo as well..guaranteed admission into online co-op land.



While I was doing my daily snooping browsing thru the digg technology section, I noticed the usual stories. Fanboy rantings/hate on the iPhone. Ubuntu news. The latest whatever on Engadget. But this morning a particular story caught my attention:

Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream“:

Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream is an OverClocked ReMix Album featuring free fan arrangements from the soundtrack to Square’s legendary Final Fantasy VII for the Sony Playstation. From jazz to techno to rock to classical, it features over forty five tracks from over forty artists in the game mixing community.

Wow. My heart jumped. I couldn’t load the website fast enough. As a diehard Final Fantasy 7 fan, its my duty to spread this story around the internets.

Click here for the download site: 

Why are you still reading this stupid blog?? Go download what could be the coolest fan-based creation ever made!



meet-the-new-ipod-fam.jpg So by now everyone has heard. New iPods. Price drops. iTunes WIFI. You know it’s a Apple event when the internets explode. I’m know I’m not the only one who refreshed their browser furiously to see the latest live blog update on Steve’s keynote. Why is Apple always commanding so much attention? Nobody cared when the Zune launched (sorry Bill).Apple is just one of those companies you have to love. Everybody wanted iPhone’s without the phone…done. Nano’s that can play ya go. New shuffles..well nobody really asked for that but we got em anyway. And for those that already have iPhones..a redesigned iPod with coverflow and massive amounts of storage.Even after screwing all the early adopters by dropping the iPhone to $399, the Jobster writes a letter and now all owners of original phones get $100 bucks off anything in the Apple Store. Only Steve could make that happen.How can you not love a company like that? When’s the last time Microsoft listened to the consumer? I don’t remember asking for 5 versions of Vista.. -tfb 



So my wife and I went to Blockbuster the other day. She was looking for a decent 360 game to try out. Knowing that she probably wouldn’t be into first person shooters or Madden, I suggested she try a platformer. All they had was Shrek the Third. What the hell. It couldn’t be that bad right? Omg..

Besides being loosely based on the movie, the game has almost no redeeming features at all. Horrible voice acting, no camera control at all, last-gen visuals and mindless button mashing. She loved it. Oh well. After getting 300 something points worth of achievements, she had had enough. I don’t blame her.

Alright let us get to the point. While sitting at home today, bored with nothing new to play I decided to pop the game in. Getting 40 or so gamer points from a pre-school game doesn’t make me an achievement whore does it? Whew, good. Now what about 510 gamer points?

Yeah that’s right. I played through the entire game and damn near unlocked every achievement. I couldn’t help it. My score jumped 220 points by like the 3rd level. Not having to bust my ass for stuff like in Crackdown was freakin’ awesome. But now I have to live with having Shrek on my Gamercard. I feel like I had an awkward one night stand and got caught. I’m a filthy, filthy achievement whore. Help me..

“Going to rehab..after these last 490 points..”



..I think I may be more hyped for this game then Halo 3. Yes..the almighty Bungie Christ.



Well it’s official now. September 5th will be bringing some sweet Apple news. But is it what we’re all hoping for? Everyone knows the iPod is long overdue for a re-design. While the iPhone is over there stealing all the thunder, many of us are still waiting for the “true” 6G iPod. Rumors and pictures have been floating
around the net has to what Apple could do, but here’s three things I think they SHOULD include:

1. Multitouch-

The iPhone is the coolest device on the planet right now. Even my 53 year old mother-in-law knows about it. Multitouch is definitely driving alot of the hype. The new iPod must have this feature. The click wheel design was amazing, but Apple out did itself this time. To go backwards by not including it would be stupid. And cheap.

2. An accelerometer-

Rotating an iPod to watch movies and video podcasts would be killer. Everyone loves this feature on the iPhone, so it’s a no brainer right?

3. Wifi

Even the Zune has this feature (sort of.) Apple might not allow the new iPod’s to go online due to them being too similar to the iPhone, but being able to access the iTunes Store to download stuff would be nice too.

Now all those things would be pretty cool to have in a new iPod. But I don’t think Apple reads thefanboyblog, so here’s why these features probably won’t be included:

Money. As much as we all love Apple, they need to make it like every other company. I know we would all love an iPod with iPhone features minus the cell, but from a business stand point Apple probably won’t do
this. The two products would eat into each other’s sales and the consumer would be confused as to what device is better. It would be the multi SKU nightmare that the Xbox 360 is facing right now. Apple will want to keep the two products separate for some time I think. The iPhone has only been out for about 2 months. It needs to grow a little more before have a direct competitor.

It’s all up to you, Mr. Steve…



Hooray! Free at last. Free at last. The iPhone is free at last. Refusing to be held down under AT&T ‘s rule, has proved that they have indeed unlocked the JesusPhone.

Obviously, Apple will have something to say about this. Will an update smash all their hard work? They claim it to be restore-resistant. Engadget got to try out the unlocked iPhone and posted pics and a video:



After watching, I’m completely re-hyped for this thing. I just hope Apple doesn’t turn into a bunch of Nazi’s and find a way to break it. The sooner this gets released to the public, the better. T-mobile’s stock price just went way up.





Yes, TheFanBoy has been gone awhile. But now I’m back with even more awesome news. Not really..but in my absence, I’ve had some time to play some kick ass 360 demos on XBL Marketplace. Yea I finally got my Xbox back from Texas, and I’m happy to say it’s been working beautifully.

bioshock.jpgOne game I got to play was Bioshock. I must say the graphics are insane. All the textures, the lighting, the water..everything just popped at 720p. Not to ruin anything for those that haven’t tried the demo, but the intro sequence was pretty tight. Drew me right in to the story..even though the demo really doesn’t go into any detail about the story whatsoever. You’re just beating the crap out of whoever..or whatever walks in front of you, dumbstruck by the beauty of the game. Fine by me.

dwgundam.jpgYeah I know I’m gonna hear alot of flak for this..but yes I’m a Gundam fan. Ever since Toonami aired Gundam Wing like 7 years ago I’ve had a soft spot for Japanese kids in big machines. This game is so cool only because it throws so many characters together in the same place. I swear, in the first 10 minutes of the demo, 5 dudes from completely different sagas were on the battlefield shooting at me. Awesome. If you’re not into Gundam, you may wanna pass. Based on the demo, the controls were kinda sloppy. Pretty much a beat ’em up with Mobile Suits. I was able to pull off a couple of slick moves towards the end, but I’d say this is probably fan boy territory.

stranglehold11.jpgThis was a total surprise. If you haven’t heard already, the main character’s name is Tequila. Yep. His “Matrix like” moves are dubbed “Tequila Time” as well. I won’t even make fun of “Tequila Bombs”. This game is freakin’ fun. It’s so silly and flashy. Everything is destructible. Bullets rip the environment and people to shreds. Tequila can slide, run, walk or dive on just about everything. It was a blast to play. What’s really cool is after you beat it you can play again on a harder difficulty with newer special moves. Can’t remember the last time a demo had unlockables. I don’t even remember what the story was about, even though it had like 5 cut scenes. Doesn’t matter. Your name is Tequila. Go kick ass.

bluedragonthumbsup.jpgFinally. The “Final Fantasy” for the 360. Because I’m a Gundam fan, that almost requires that I’m a DragonBall fan as well. The art style brings me back to an earlier time when wishing you were a Super Saiyan was considered cool at the lunch table. It took me alittle bit to get use to the battle system since there isn’t really an explanation of how to fight until you’ve already killed most of the hapless creatures, but as with most RPG’s, 5-10 minutes was all it took for it to become second nature. The music, while not a big deal to some gamers, was actually a big reason why I liked it so much. The demo lasts for 60 minutes, and I found myself humming the background track the whole time. When this comes out I’m definitely setting aside a good month or two to dive in. I haven’t been this excited for an RPG since Final Fantasy 7. That and an FF7 remake.

As excited as I am for all of these games, it’s so sad that I’ll probably end up neglecting all of them for Halo 3 four player Co-op. Damn you Bungie…oh well.

“Finish the fight..”


P.S It’s good to be back.